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If you are looking for a mind doctor in Patna, who may help people with their senses, such as touch, vision, or smell, you may consider Dr Chandril Chugh.

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Dr Chandril Chugh is among the best neurologist in Patna. He specialises in treating many neurosurgical and neurological problems, including brain stroke, aneurysms, spinal diseases, pediatric neurological disorders, carotid stenting, and many more. After graduating from the University College of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, as a Gold Medalist, Dr Chugh pursued a speciality in Neurology at Loyola University in Chicago. He then underwent a super specialisation in Neurocritical Care at the Ivy League program of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, USA., after which he underwent training in Endovascular Surgical Neuroradiology at Texas Stroke Institute in Texas, USA. Dr. Chandril’s other honorary positions include Settlor and Founding Trustee of Sankat Mochan Social Welfare Trust, Patna.

Neurologists are medical doctors specialising in diagnosing and treating nervous system disorders. If your general practitioner suspects that you have a neurological condition, they may refer you to a neurologist. Alzheimer’s disease, headaches, diabetic neuropathy and nerve damage are all examples of neurological problems. Neurologists diagnose and treat neurological problems, such as coordination difficulties, muscle weakness, mood changes, and dizziness.

The best neurologist in Patna

Patients looking to visit the best neurologist in Patna will find suitable facilities at Dr. Good Deeds. Some of the top USA-trained patients are on our team at Dr. Good Deeds, and they are capable of handling any condition. We manage all of the disorders covered by neurology, which include many brain-related conditions.

Most neurological conditions can be treated by our team of the best neurologist in Patna, thanks to their knowledge and experience. Our four distinguished physicians, including one partner neurologist, work exceptionally well together. To offer a convenient experience, we work hard to use the most complete medical methods and techniques.

About Neurologist Doctor

Dr. Chandril Chugh is among the best neurologist in Patna. He specializes in treating many neurosurgical and neurological problems, including brain stroke, aneurysms, spinal diseases, pediatric neurological disorders, carotid stenting, etc. After graduating from the University College of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, as a gold medalist, Dr. Chugh pursued a specialty in neurology at Loyola University in Chicago. He then underwent a superspecialization in neurocritical care at the Ivy League program of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, USA, after which he underwent training in endovascular surgical neuroradiology at the Texas Stroke Institute in Texas, USA. Dr. Chandril’s other honorary positions include settlor and founding trustee of Sankat Mochan Social Welfare Trust, Patna.

Why do good deeds

Dr. Good Deeds is one of the top health clinic networks in Bihar. Dr. Chandril Chugh is one of the best neurologists in Patna, and we strive for excellence. With cutting-edge technology and equipment, our specialists can accurately diagnose and personalize the course of treatment for complicated conditions such as chronic migraine, epilepsy, dementia, neuromuscular diseases, and strokes. At Dr. Good Deeds, we offer the best neurology treatments for people of all ages, and our cutting-edge out-patient and in-patient neurology facilities also offer the best neurologist in Patna.

The Best Neurologist in Patna: Treating Conditions

Your entire nervous system can be impacted by neurological problems, leading to a variety of difficulties. Depending on your neurological problem, these diseases will manifest differently in you. However, the severity of the symptoms may differ from person to person.

Patients with stroke, epilepsy, migraine, vertigo, balance issues, dementia and other cognitive problems, neuropathy, movement disorders, autoimmune neurological disorders, degenerative neurological diseases, metabolic disorders, and others receive complete care from us.


Dr. Good Deed treats all neurological patients, including those with multiple sclerosis, stroke, epilepsy, and headache neuropathy.
Our staff is adequately qualified to handle any neurological emergency or difficulty. Our neurologist in Patna is an expert in treating various disorders connected to the nervous system. Numerous conditions that affect the human body’s nervous system require care and medicine from a neurology clinic.

best neurologist in Patna, Is Diabetic Neuropathy Preventable? - Dr Good deed

How Can the Best Neurologist in Patna, Dr. Good Deeds, Help You?

Dr. Good Deeds has made a name for itself by providing traditional medical care and upholding excellent standards for patient care. Additionally, we provide all these services at affordable prices to meet the needs of most patients.
The drgooddeed.com website allows you to schedule appointments with the best neurologist in Patna. Get the care, medication, and support your need to successfully treat your disease.

Find the best neurologist in Patna

Dr Good deed has the best neurologist in Patna. We have support from neuroradiology, neurosurgery, intensive care, and pathology. When necessary, patients with acute strokes are thrombolysis. Patients with spastic disorders like dystonia, blepharospasm, hemifacial spasm, etc., receive Botox therapy (EMG-guided), and procedures like neostigmine testing are carried out for myasthenia gravis.

What are neurologists?

A neurologist is a medical professional specializing in diagnosing and treating conditions affecting the muscles and peripheral nerves. And also brain, spinal cord, lung, and liver disorders. Headaches, epilepsy, stroke, movement abnormalities like tremors or Parkinson’s disease, and many more conditions can be caused by neurological diseases.

At the Dr. Good Deed Clinic, Dr Chandril Chugh the best neurologists treat patients for conditions ranging from dementia and Parkinson’s disease to epilepsy and migraines.

best neurologist in patna

Patient Feedback

The top brain doctor in Patna, Dr Chandril Chugh believes that a doctor’s job goes beyond merely treating sick people. Doctors can contribute a lot to the society by fostering well-being, good behaviours, mental health awareness, and coping with death and disability. A doctor who’s endured the gruelling academic grind and the emotional turmoil of dealing with patients might be a mentor to individuals facing life’s trials. Such doctors could help them start over every day.

So, if you want the best consultancy, diagnosis and treatment, and if you are looking for the best neurologist doctor in Patna, Dr Chandril will always be your best choice.

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Hello, I'm here to share my own experience with all. I was suffering from anxiety, depression, panic attack and Overthink since 5 to 6 year. Then I googled about best neurologist in patna and i found respected Dr. Chandril . just because of the public reviews. So then I went to patna and visited good deed clinic. When I met The Doctor I realized that why I couldn't find him earlier. He listened to me until I done speaking. They way he talked and make the things very clear and make me understand that why it is happening to me And gave me medicine for ten days . I can't believe that how can it works so fast and with no side effects . Now I can able to say that there is no doubt that The Dr. Chandril sir has magical power . Hats off sir🙏🙏 and I am very thankful for uh May Allah bless you always ❤Syedasana Kamran
kamlesh kumar
मैं अपनी Wife को Dr. Chandril chugh sir , Boring Road,Patna- उनके क्लिनिक पर दिखवाया था जो समस्या था वह बहुत ही गंभीर था जो मेडिसिन उन्होंने दिया था एक खुराक खाने के बाद ही बहुत राहत मिलने लगा । मैं Dr. Sahab को दिल से धन्यवाद देता हूँ ।🙏🙏 (Translated by Google) I take my wife to Dr. Chandril chugh sir, Boring Road,Patna- I was shown at his clinic, the problem was very serious, the medicine given by him, after taking one dose, there was a lot of relief. I Dr. Heartfelt thanks to Sahab.🙏🙏Shankar Kumar
I highly recommend becoming him patient! He is my best dctr in my entire life.well experienced of his own speciality, i am migraine patient since 8yr consulted many dctr but nothng well wrkd but when i consulted dr chandril chugh sir i felt a good vibes nd postivty in my life by this doctr treatmnt my migraine prlb is getting cured within a 15days he is god for me. heartfelt thnks to him.Anjali Singh
Jay Prakash
Mai pichhle do years se mind and chest pain se pareshan tha ab mai Delhi Jane ki soch Raha tha ki Dr chandrika Chugh sir ke bare me ka pata chala aur Mai Mila bahut achhe aur milansar hai Mai one month se dikha rahu hu bilkul fit hu thanks sir 🙏 God bless for you (Translated by Google) I was suffering from mind and chest pain since last two years, now in Delhi Jane was thinking that Dr Chandrika Chugh sir came to know about me and I found him very good and friendly, since last one month I am feeling absolutely fit thanks. sir 🙏 God bless for youKumar Saroj
I was struggling with neck pain , acidity and chest pain , that made me visit Dr Chandril's clinic a month back. He listened to my problems and suggested some medicines as well as some changes in my life style . As the pain got milder, he suggested some exercises as well.Akanksha Singh
Jugnu Kumar