How to use Dr Gooddeed?

how to use dr gooddeed

Heal Through Positive Energy

All human beings thrive on energy. We have the ability to channelize energy to attain our objectives in life. Good deeds lead to positive energy by making us feel happy and satisfied. Positive energy keeps sickness at bay and leads to a healthy body. A healthy body allows us to do more good deeds( karma), leading to a good soul. Together a healthy body and good soul keep us in good health.

So keep doing good deeds and keep your positive energy high.

Connect and Grow

This is a portal for connecting like-minded people intending to make a difference to their lives, community and society. You will get a chance to share your good deeds via social media and our website. It will give you a chance to motivate and appreciate all the lives that have been changed from your good deeds.
As the good deed chain grows you will become a member of a community that wants to change the world one good deed at a time.

Karma Score

Karma is action or deed. Every good deed earns you 25 karma points. As the number of good deeds done by you increase, your score adds up and you ascend higher up on the karma score ladder.
You can start by redeeming your karma points to ask a medical opinion. Each good deed is 25 Karma points and qualifies for a free medical opinion. As you progress from Samaritan to GOD level you can unlock new benefits and privileges.

May We Suggest Some Good Deeds?

  • Plant a tree
  • Install a dustbin for public use
  • Adopt a lane or road and help keep it clean.
  • Pick up trash in our neighborhood parks to make sure children and the elderly have a clean environment
  • Recycle paper, plastic and bottles
  • Donate blood
  • Become an organ donor
  • Sign up for a CPR course such that you can be emergency ready
  • Use reusable bags for shopping and grocery to avoid plastic
  • Use public transport as much as possible and carpool when ever feasible
  • Adopt a homeless pet
  • Collect toys and stuffed animals and donate to a children’s hospital
  • Do not honk near schools and hospitals
  • Sponsor a Child’s education
  • Discourage beggary by not giving alms at traffic signals
  • Obey traffic rules, stop at red lights
  • Conserve water by turning off taps when not in use
  • Switch the lights in your house to energy efficient variety
  • Say thank you to people more often so they feel appreciated
  • Give up your seat in a bus, train for the elderly or people in need
  • Hold the door for the person behind you
  • Discourage piracy by not buying pirated music CDs and movies
  • Volunteer for an hour at an organization of your choice.
  • Write a thank-you note to someone ( parents, wife, husband, grandparents.
  • Find unneeded items in your house and donate them to a charitable organization.
  • Find a piece of winter clothing that you haven’t worn all season, and donate it to a charity.
  • Donate an old cell phone.
  • Plant a vegetable garden, and donate the vegetables to the hungry.
  • Collect duffle bags, overnight bags, and suitcases from friends and donate them to organizations.
  • Pick up trash from the sidewalk.
  • Hold a charity day at work. Encourage your colleagues and supervisors to bring in nonperishable items to be donated to a worthy cause.

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