In this global pandemic, everyone is already going through a lot. People already had enough health problems, and this COVID-19 just added more to the list. This is known to all of us that the situation is getting worse each day, and people are falling sick and are just not getting the proper treatment. We can’t blame anyone, as the hospitals are already filled with covid patients, and now even they are not getting the proper facilities and beds. Things are really getting out of hand and we can say that the sole focus of all the doctors and hospitals is on the covid p[ateients and that is completely justified. But, now when we think about it, that can cause a problem to the people who are not affected by covid. You wonder why? Think about it, where will those patients go who are combating diseases other than corona? Like a person suffering from cardiovascular diseases, or neurological ones, or even something like an ulcer? Doctors in the hospitals are totally busy with the covid patients and they have no time to provide to the other patients. In this situation, what should you do and how should you deal with it? Worry not, there is something that can really help you.

You can opt for the clinic services and that is the best alternative out there. Dr Good Deeds is one the best clinics in Patna where you can get your full body checkup. Dr Good Deeds is a name that you can trust. In this situation, their team is working tirelessly to provide the best healthcare and treatment to the patients. Their motto is to help out the people who need medical attention and provide the best facilities to them. In this situation, they are trying to do their best. They provide treatment and healthcare at a very low price and it is just an initiative to help everyone out in the dismal days. After all, health is our greatest wealth and in no circumstances, it can be or should be avoided. The situation is so bad outside, that everyone is suffering. You know how even if you have just a normal fever now, you will be all panicked thinking it is the corona. The fever can also be due to the season change and stuff. But even when it is a normal fever, you need to get proper treatment, don’t you? But the hospitals and doctors are busy with treating corona patients. Worry not, Dr Good Deeds can really help you out regarding this matter. So, if you face any such problems relating to health and you feel that you need medical attention, just contact Dr Good Deeds without any hesitation, which is a full body check-up clinic.

Why Choose Dr. Good Deeds Clinic Services?

First of all, you should be clear with the concept of a clinic and should understand the importance of one. Let’s proceed with that.

A clinic setup is one where the outpatients are treated or receive medical attention from the doctors. The outpatients are the ones who go back home after receiving treatment and they don’t stay there overnight. Medical clinics can be operated publicly, privately, or by the government. Generally, you need to make an appointment to visit the clinic, but in serious cases, clinics accept walk-ins.

Now, a question may cross your mind, how are clinics different from hospitals?

Let’s see:

  • Hospitals generally focus more on inpatient care while the clinics focus primarily on outpatient care. You don’t walk into a clinic for surgery!
  • These types of clinics are usually structured in a small place and a small team, while a hospital takes acres of land to be constructed and has a team of many doctors, nurses, and other people.
  • Clinics are mainly for checkups, preventive care, and stuff like that. You don’t immediately go to the hospital if you need just a body check. Again for big stuff like operations, surgeries, etc, hospitals are the only way out.
  • Hospitals are often more expensive than clinics.

So, these are the primary differences between a hospital and a clinic. Now, coming to the point where you get to know all about Dr Good Deeds clinic. So, basically, it is a full health diagnostic center that provides health clinic services. It is one of the best health clinics in Patna. So, if you are looking for a thorough health checkup in Patna, make sure to visit Dr. Good Deeds. It’s a gastroenterology clinic and has proved to provide the best health checkup packages in Patna. So basically, it is a one-stop clinic for treating all your diseases, be it diabetes, blood pressure, neurological disorders, cardiac disorders, or gastro and liver diseases. Our well-qualified specialists excel in providing easy and reliable health care.

Now, you may ask, why choose Dr Good Deeds, when you can get many other options? Well, there are many reasons and the first being the one that Dr Good Deeds believe in helping others, without any selfish motive. They have already helped many and are striving towards the greater goal to become better and work for society. They have a very efficient and humble set of staff who makes you feel comfortable. Their team of doctors are well-experienced medical professionals who will give you the best medical guidance. Then again, the facilities and equipment present there are very much efficient and updated, so you just don’t need to have a second thought about their quality.

Dr.Gooddeed is bringing well-qualified doctors from Delhi and trained in the USA to Patna. A lot of people end up traveling to Delhi for better health care spending a lot of time and money. Dr. Gooddeed aims to provide the same expertise right to the heart of Patna.

People living in Delhi can easily get the right treatment from Gooddeeds Patna Clinic on a regular basis at the comfort of their home, through the process of teleconsultation with our doctors. Get cost-effective, time-saving, and hassle-free treatment.

The doctors’ empathetic approach towards their patients, is again a reason why they are the best all disease clinic in Patna, Bihar. You can choose them and you won’t get a chance to complain because Dr Good Deeds provides the best treatment and care to their patients, and never lets them down.


How do we at Gooddeeds Clinic try to make treatment easy during hard times ?

  • Our Clinic is specially designed for your full safety and hygiene through social distancing with minimal wait times. This will ensure safety from corona .
  • We provide hassle free and cost effective treatment through online consultation or teleconsultation.
  • We also have long distance caregiving packages, for the parents In India, whose son or daughter stay afar, so that they can give the utmost care to their parents through the help of our Doctors.
Our motto
Our motto

What Is The Motto Of Dr Good Deeds?

Dr. Good Deed clinic in Patna, Bihar aims to work for the betterment of society and help people out there who are going through dismal situations. In this pandemic situation, the health workers are working tirelessly every day to provide the best health care to the patients and Dr Good Deeds want to be a part of the noble work as well.

They strive to provide the best services in care,Patna. They are working towards being the best healthcare clinic in Patna, Bihar, not for any materialistic fame, but for the betterment of people. Just so that people wouldn’t know where to come when they face medical problems which can be solved in a clinic. Among all the other Patna all disease care centres, they strive to provide the best healthcare care services.

So, when you face any medical problems that can be resolved outside a hospital, and you are a resident of Patna, you know where to go!



Some frequently asked questions :

1.   What are the services provided by a clinic?

Services like a full body check-up, routine check up, consultation with the doctor regarding some sickness can be primarily done in the clinic. Diseases pertaining to heart, neuro, liver, gastro, joints, blood pressure, sugar, cholesterol. We are here to take care of each and every, major to minor issue in your body.

2.   How can this clinic help in full body check up?

Dr. Good Deeds helps you to get a thorough full body check-up and the doctors help you in providing the right guidance in reading the test reports and suggesting further treatment.

3.   What are some major clinic and hospital differences?

Some major clinic and hospital differences are major that a hospital focuses more on the inpatients, while the clinic focuses more on the outpatients. Again, for some big treatment, you go to the hospital, like for some surgery and hospitals are quite expensive when compared to a clinic. A clinic, on the other hand, is an option that you only choice when you have a small ailment, like chest pain or headache and thus clinics are much cheaper.