About - Dr Good Deed

Nishkam Karma or self-less action has been the spiritual ideal of Indians for centuries. We have always believed that our actions should be independent of any desire of fruits or results. However, changing times need changed philosophy. In this age of automation and robotic lifestyle, when most of us feel anxious and alienated, spreading a word about our good deeds becomes a way to motivate ourselves and also others to keep up our endeavours.

Dr. Good Deed is not a medical or a social work website. We are a platform which appreciates and motivates you to perform a good deed. We wish to form a good deed chain where you do a good deed, share it with us and get the recognition deserve. As they say, “Life is a gift; each day is a chance to do better, to be better.”


At Dr Good Deed, we envision a world where competent, trustworthy and reliable healthcare facilities are available to all citizens of the country. We believe that this can be done only when healthcare is prioritized within the overall development paradigm. In our capacity, we aim to aid in the country’s development by focusing on the existing healthcare infrastructure. Our vision is threefold: improving healthcare, providing health education and facilitating healthcare training, which we believe will go a long way in improving quick access to good healthcare. We are also strongly committed to educating people about good healthcare practices like nutrition, exercise, menstrual health, routine vaccinations, need for sanitation and hygiene. We also dedicated to training people in the recognition of both communicable and non-communicable diseases and their prevention.


We aim to establish low cost health care centers in the remotest areas of our country and enable patient-doctor connect via the digital platform. With this aim, we have partnered with our associates and have established teleclinics in various places in Bihar where we provide medical consultation; distribute medicines and organize camps at regular intervals. We also have a full-time clinic in Patna, Bihar which acts as a centralized hub for all our teleclinic patients who need advanced care.