The sheer clinical guidelines’ importance at this challenging time cannot be understated or underestimated. It is with proper clinical guidelines implementation that the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic can be combated while patients can be helped with appropriate clinical guidelines for COVID 19 that will help them overcome their symptoms faster. There are several clinical guidelines COVID vaccines if that is what makes up the core component of your clinical guidelines search online. The full health checkup in Patna is very essential. The health checkup packages in Patna are quite amazing. One of the best full body checkup in Patna takes place in the Patna clinic. There are many clinics in Patna in which there is a neurologist in Patna boring road, physician doctor in Patna boring road and gastroenterologist in boring road Patna. The Patna Clinic gives the best full body checkup in Patna.


You should know that there are no one-size-fits all clinical guidance definitions. Yet, the clinical guidance benefits are manifold, i.e., establishing a standardized and approved means of treatment, caring for patients in Patna clinic, protocols for health and safety, and listing out do’s and don’ts in various scenarios. Before checking out clinic services nearby or other health checkup packages in Patna¸ you should be abreast of the latest modifications or updates to these clinical guidelines in Patna clinic. The full body checkup in Patna is one of the best full body checkup in Patna at the clinic in Patna. The full health checkup in Patna is very essential especially during these days. You should take the best full body checkup in Patna  for betterment of health.The updated version of health checkup in Patna has 5 new recommendations and a statement for good practice. 


These include the following: 

  • Conditional recommendations concerning usage of clinical judgment, inclusive of consideration of values of patients and preferences along with national and local policies, if present. This will guide management decisions for admissions to hospitals and ICUs (intensive care units) instead of present prognosis models based upon predictions. 
  • Conditional recommendations at the clinic in Patna for pulse oximetry monitoring at home or as part of the care package including education for providers/patients and suitable follow-ups for COVID-19 symptomatic patients along with risk factors for progression to severe ailments when hospitalization is not done in the Patna clinic
  • Conditional recommendation for usage of awake prone positioning for those patients with severe coronavirus, who are hospitalized and require non-invasive ventilation or supplemental oxygen. The doctor in boring road Patna at the Patna clinic for full body checkup in Patna has always helped the patients for their betterment.
  • Conditional recommendation for the usage of thromboprophylaxis dosing of anticoagulation instead of therapeutic dosing in the Patna clinic for full body checkup in Patna  with COVID-19 symptoms or intermediate without established indication for higher anticoagulation dose. 
  • Conditional recommendation for usage of existing care bundles, selected locally by ICU/hospital in the Patna clinic for full body checkup in Patna and adapted as vital in local circumstances for those with COVID-19. 
  • Good practice statements on caring for patients affected by COVID-19 post severe illness. 


Additionally, close contact has been defined as health-care linked exposure inclusive of provision of direct COVID-19 care, patients working with healthcare workers who are COVID-19 infected, visiting patients or staying in same close environment of coronavirus patient, working together in proximity to sharing same classroom with COVID-19 patient, traveling with patient in any conveyance, living in the same household as the COVID-19 patient and so on. The epidemiological link may have taken place within 14 days before or post illness. The doctor in boring road area has always helped with all facilities so that the patient can get the best full body checkup in Patna. COVID-19 may come with severe, mild or moderate ailments including septic shocks, pneumonia and ARDS. Early identification enables swift initiation of action. 


Where and how to find the proper non-COVID care? 

If you require clinical guidance for diabetes or clinical guidance for high blood pressure¸ you can always consult a reputed provider for a health checkup in Patna by the best physician In Patna. The right full body check-up clinic will help you get clinical guidelines for hypertension or clinical guidance heart failure also, along with offering neurology clinic services. All non-surgical health and medical needs may be sorted within a clinic setup itself for a full body checkup in Patna. 

You just have to opt for the right clinic and diagnostic center, particularly packages for health care Patna that will give you a full body checkup in Patna and help you stay aware of your current medical circumstances. This will go a long way towards enabling better preventive care and diagnosis of potential problems at a budding stage. 

Key guidelines issued by AIIMS

The All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) has come out with new COVID-19 treatment guidelines for adults. 

  • Moderate COVID-19 cases

-Identification will be mild COVID-19 if the patient has fever and symptoms of upper respiratory tract without any hypoxia or shortness of breath. 

-Home isolation and care is recommended with physical distancing, hand hygiene, mask usage indoors.

-There should be symptomatic management, i.e. antipyretics, hydration, multivitamins, and antitussive for the best full health checkup in Patna

-Stay in touch with the physician, track temperature and oxygen saturation. 

-Immediate medical attention to be sought if any breathing difficulty or high-grade fever, or severe cough lasting beyond five days.


  • Mild COVID-19 cases

-These are classified as mild if the respiratory rate of patients is higher than 24/minute and there is any breathlessness or SpO2 is 90% (less than/equal to about 93% on the room air). 

-Admission in ward is recommended. 

-Target Spo2- 92-96% and 88-92% for those with COPD. 

-Preferred oxygenation device is a non-rebreathing face mask and awake proning encouraged for all those needing supplemental oxygen therapy (sequential change of position for every 2 hours). 

-Anti-inflammatory/immunomodulatory therapies, anticoagulation and clinical monitoring (work of breathing, hemodynamic instability, change in oxygen needs, serial CXR, HRCT chest only if worsens and lab monitoring-CRP and D-dimer hourly for 48-72 hours) as per physician’s guidance.


  • Severe COVID-19 cases

-Identification factors- respiratory rate more than 30/min and breathlessness or even SpO2 lower than 90% on the room air. 

-Recommendation is admission in ICU. 

-Consider usage of NIV in patients with growing oxygen needs or if work of breathing is lower. 

-Consider HFNC in those with higher oxygen needs. 

-Intubation is prioritized for those with high work of breathing. 

-Usage of ARDSnet ventilator management protocol. 

-Anti-inflammatory or immunomodulatory therapy is needed along with anticoagulation and other supportive measures as per physician’s guidance full body checkup in Patna. These include maintenance of euvolemia and management protocol for septic shock or sepsis. 

-Monitoring is recommended, including HRCT chest or Serial CXR only if the condition worsens. 

Aspects to remember about Remdesivir and other such medicines 

Based upon new guidelines issued by AIIMS, Remdesivir is to be used only in rare scenarios and for emergency use authorization or EAU. This is based upon limited available evidence and only in specific circumstances. Remdesivir may be considered only for those patients who have moderate to severe diseases that necessitate supplemental oxygen and zero hepatic or renal dysfunction, along with those within ten days of onset of symptoms. 

The recommended dosage is 200 mg IV on the day 1 f/b 100 mg IV OD for the next four days. This will not be used for patients who are not in any oxygen support or in-home environments. Tocilizumab (off-label) may be considered when all the criteria given are adhered to: 

  • Presence of any severe ailment (preferably in 24-48 hours or onset of any severe disease/ICU admission. 
  • Considerably raised inflammatory markers, i.e. CRP and/or IL-6. 
  • No improvement in spite of steroid usage. 
  • Zero active fungal/bacterial/tubercular infection. 
  • Recommended single dosage of 4-6 mg per kg (400 mg for 60 kg adult) in 100ml NS over one hour. 
  • Convalescent plasma (off label) may be perceived only when specific criteria are met- early moderate disease (ideally within 7 days of onset of symptoms and zero usage post 7 days and availability of high-titer donor plasma (signal to cut-off ratio or S/O should be more than 3.5 or equivalent, depending upon which test kit you are using.