It is observed that men commonly suffer from more disorders than women, which means the average woman is healthier than the average man. As compared to women, men are more likely to use tobacco and drink alcohol, make risky choices and not see a doctor for regular health checkups. Heart disease, stroke, diabetes, cancer, depression, and other disorders can strike men at any time. They do, however, have their own set of problems, such as prostate cancer and benign prostate enlargement. Don’t be an average man, get help from The Dr. Good Deed Clinic which provides easy access to clinic services and health checkup in Patna.

Many of the biggest health hazards that males face can be avoided by leading a healthy lifestyle that includes regular exercise, a nutritious diet, quitting smoking, reducing stress, and drinking alcohol in moderation (not more than two drinks a day, if at all). Regular checkups and screening tests can help detect disease early on when it is most treatable. Here are some Men’s diseases that men of all ages can be afflicted with and how to deal with them.

Heart Disease

Heart disease and stroke are the top causes of death in both men and women around the world. Cholesterol plaques gradually obstruct the arteries in the heart and brain in cardiovascular disease. A blood clot occurs when a plaque becomes unstable, obstructing the artery and triggering a men’s health heart attack risk. There are fortunately several ways to reduce the occurrence of heart attack in men. One of the things you can do is control your blood pressure. High blood pressure is one of the major causes of heart disease. You can get in touch with the experts at Dr. Good Deed and get a full body checkup. In the midst of a pandemic, we are providing some top-quality health care facilities to walk in as well as long-distance patients. Belly fat men’s health risk is also on the rise due to the increasingly sedentary lifestyle and can be decreased by staying active and getting regular exercise.


Diabetes can cause nerve and kidney damage, heart disease and stroke, and even visual difficulties or blindness if left untreated. Low testosterone levels and sexual dysfunction are a problem for diabetic men. Increased depression or anxiety may occur as a result of this. You can visit the Dr. Good Deed Clinic which is providing affordable treatment and health care to its patients in this tough time. Our brilliant team of doctors is headed by Dr. Nivedita Pandey and Dr. Chandril Chugh, both with tremendous expertise in their respective fields. You can find out more about sugar men’s health risk and how it can affect you by getting in touch with our team. But arguably the best way to fight diabetes in men is watching your diet and getting enough exercise, especially cardio, which can help reduce belly fat. The worldwide number of people suffering from diabetes is on the rise due to unhealthy lifestyles and food habits. You never know the hidden sugar that goes into your diet and messes up your insulin secretion. To know more about your body type and the health risks associated with it visit the full body check up clinic at Dr. Good Deed.

Neurological Problems

Neurological problems like Alzheimer’s Disease, epilepsy,  multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease and migraine affect both men and women and lead to severe consequences if not treated. If you or someone you know experiences symptoms like muscle weakness, partial or complete paralysis, loss of sensation or seizures, take help of neurology clinic services here at Dr. Good Deed. One of our most experienced neurosurgeons, Dr. Chandril Chugh is a US-trained neurologist and has 16 years of experience in treating people with neurological disorders with specialisation in minimally invasive brain procedures. He is one of the leading neurological doctors in India and believes in treatment as well as awareness of neurological diseases. There are several men’s health risks associated with neurological instability, like depression and emotional distress, which becomes more severe over time. Getting it checked at a clinic and diagnostic centre is of utmost importance for eliminating any health risks.

Liver Disease

Your liver is one of the most important organs of your body that helps you digest food and absorb nutrients. It also plays a vital role in eliminating toxic substances from your body. If it’s functioning well, you may not even give it any attention but it can cause you a lot of trouble if diseased. Liver disease includes conditions like hepatitis, liver cirrhosis, liver cancer, bile duct cancer, and alcoholic liver disease (ALD). Liver disease can also be genetic or inherited. The most common signs of liver disease to watch out for are jaundice (yellowish appearance of skin and eyes) and edema (swelling). If you are concerned about your lifestyle or health risk for liver disease, you can get the benefit of our clinic setup at Dr. Good Deed. Dr. Nivedita Pandey is the best Gastroenterologist and Hepatologist and has completed her medical training in the US. She is a senior consultant in Gastroenterology and Transplant Hepatologist in New Delhi. Make an appointment with the expert team at our clinic if you are experiencing symptoms of liver disease.

Why Choose the Clinic Services of Dr. Good Deed?

We provide a working clinic setup that treats and gives medical attention to outpatients. We, as a clinic, provide health care in terms of health checkup packages in Patna that assist in preventive care. At Dr. Good Deed, the motive for providing healthcare is completely selfless, and the only purpose is serving the patients afflicted with severe conditions. This is why you’ll find our prices to be lower as compared to other clinics and our services of high quality. We have a very efficient and humble staff to make you feel comfortable with all the updated facilities and equipment for a smooth treatment. We have exceptionally qualified doctors trained in the USA and practicing here at our clinic. You can also avail teleconsultation with doctors if it’s not possible to visit the clinic. We also offer long distance caregiving packages for parents in India whose son or daughter stays abroad. You can choose Dr. Good Deeds Clinic as men health clinic for a seamless health care experience without any complaints.