In this modern world of hustle, we commonly face moments of forgetfulness from time to time. Sometimes people have issues with creating new memories in their minds while some can not recollect past experiences and facts. While this can be an occasional event, having a helpless memory can be disappointing. This can be as common as not recalling someone’s name or number of an acquaintance, or can get as serious as neurological conditions like Amnesia.

Amnesia is a state where people complain of memory loss. There are numerous types of amnesia like, anterograde retrograde amnesia, adolescent amnesia, split amnesia, amnesia induced by the consumption of drugs. Science has given many reasons for memory loss disease. While listing a few of them stress, bad eating habits, medication affecting brain, brain tumour and chronic alcoholism always mark the start of the list.

If you are one of those who are struggling in their everyday life with memory loss or weak memory, don’t worry. You have clicked the right tab! We bring to you simple methods to overcome memory issues :

  • Eat a healthy diet- A healthy diet is surely something that your brain needs to battle against memory impairment. Reduce fat and sugar quantity in your diet and induce more protein. Have more Nuts, Oily fish, vegetables, and whole grains.
  • Reduce alcohol consumption- ┬áThe very first step in memory problems treatment is to stop the habit of binge drinking alcoholic beverages. Liquor flaunts neurotoxic impacts on the brain, therefore damaging the brain. Intermittent moderate drinking is not an issue, but too much intoxication can lead to forgetting disease and serious brain damage.
  • Start getting sound sleep- Like air and food, rest is one of the vital necessities of the body. But in this modern era, the priorities have changed to work, parties, etc rather than having a sound sleep for eight to nine hours. This not only becomes a cause of forgetfulness but also leads to a lot of disorders and illnesses like high blood pressure, diabetes, heart attack, heart attack, and more other potential problems.
  • Get yourself in your BMI range- Maintaining your body weight is essential for a healthy physical and psychological lifestyle. Add physical exercise and activities that will assist to increase the blood flow in the entire body, including the brain. Numerous studies show corpulence as a gamble factor for mental degradation. Keeping a weight inside the ordinary reach might help you stay away from a large group of issues related to more short term memory losses.
  • Socialisation- Social collaboration assists individuals to stay away from depression and memory loss. Search for chances to get along with friends and family, companions and others – particularly assuming you live alone.
  • The key to a healthy memory – MEDITATION – Mindfulness meditation assists to improve cerebrum functioning, and decreases markers of mind degeneration, stress and pain, and lower blood pressure . It also helps one to improve their memorising power and assists one to stay calm and peaceful in daily life.
  • Caffeine – Caffeine is popular for mental alertness and physical activeness. Aside from this factor, caffeine also helps in boosting the memory power of individuals in the short term. This might generally help one in times of tiredness or while preparing for examination.


Just as physical fitness is necessary to maintain you in shape, mental fitness is necessary to be successful in life as you age.

Many techniques mentioned above are useful to boost your memory game and to help you overcome forgetfulness. Even just adding two or three practises in your daily routine will assist you to keep your brain healthy.

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Q. How can I sharpen my memory?

ANS. Best ways to sharpen you memory is to be active both physically and mentally. Add some brain challengers in your routine. Other ways to increase your memory power is to have a sound sleep, balanced diet and socialising.

Q. Can I recover from memory loss?

ANS. memory loss treatment generally depends on the cause of the damage. Like if the loss is due medication, then change in medication brings a sudden recovery. Likewise surgery, or chemotherapy will assist for the long term memory loss caused due brain tumours. Other ways to recover is by fulfilling the supplement needs of the body.

Q. Can you improve your memory?

ANS. Just like any other skills we can also improve our memory by maintaining a skill sleep schedule, challenging the brain and having a proper diet with addition of leafy green vegetables.

Q. What causes memory loss and forgetfulness?

ANS. The major memory loss causes are stress, bad eating habits, medication affecting brain, brain tumour, chronic alcoholism, drugs or depression.

Q. What are the three foods that fight memory loss?

ANS. Along with all the food intake we have berries, leafy green vegetables and salmon are the three best foods that help to fight certain types of memory loss.