Ignoring shortness of breath may have several problematic consequences for you to deal with. There are several shortness of breath causes and shortness of breath treatments that you should definitely learn more about. Never ignore any shortness of breath since it is a clear signal being given by your body with regard to something being out of order. 

Some of the shortness of breath causes include the following difficulties in: 

  • Inflow of air into the lungs or throat. 
  • Expelling air from the throat or lungs. 
  • Oxygen transfers into the bloodstream from the lungs. 
  • Acid or base balance, medication usage, dysfunctions of the kidney, infections and other metabolic issues. 
  • Pumping of oxygenated blood through the entire body. 
  • Anxiety linked issues. 

Hence, if you have any difficulty breathing or chest pain and shortness of breath, then you should never ignore the same. 

Why shortness breath symptoms are worrying

There are several people who have breathing problems which are diagnosed through the initial appearance of various symptoms. Shortness of breath may indicate various ailments with varying degrees of severity, including pulmonary embolism, heart attacks, pneumonia, sepsis and many more. 

It may also lead to anxiety while being caused due to lung disease like pneumonia and asthma. There may also be a clear indication of issues with the bronchi and trachea along with signs of heart ailments. It may also indicate weakness or damage to the muscles or nerves which have a role to play in breathing functions. 

Treatment of shortness of breath

There are multiple breathing problem solutions that you should note. Treatment is fully dependent upon the cause behind shortness of breath. Antibiotics are the treatment mode if an individual is suffering from pneumonia. Those with COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) or emphysema along with asthma, are usually given inhaled medication by their doctor. They help in opening airways which are constricted. 

Those suffering due to heart failures may be recommended diuresis which enables urination of excessive fluids. Those going through heart attacks will naturally require natural blood flow as soon as possible to the heart muscles once again. Those with vocal cord issues that hinder breathing, require surgery or even speech therapy at times. Blockage or collapse of airways may be fixed with surgeries and stents as well. Those with muscle or nerve issues may require specialized machines for breathing assistance. 

Oxygen support is sometimes needed in severe cases where internal oxygen levels drop alarmingly. If the levels are absolutely normal, then giving oxygen may lead to further damage. Those unfortunately nearing their end of life may require opioid medication for relaxing the blood vessels while easing out the feeling of shortness of breath. 

What you should never ignore

Do not ever ignore shortness of breath indicators like chest pain, chills, high fever, persistent coughing, and chest pressure, coughing up any blood, fingertips or lips turning blue in colour and even wheezing while breathing. 

Other things you should not ignore include any feeling of breathlessness that still remains even after taking half an hour of total rest. Do not ignore any lightheadedness and swelling in the ankles/feet which gets worse. Also note whether there are any troubles in breathing while you are lying absolutely flat. You should not ignore any worsening of your shortness of breath, even after you have used your inhaler.